Homo Sapiens (Humans in Space) 2019 

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Homo Sapiens (Humans) in Space - Film Synopsis - 3 mins 34 secs. 

Join me, Fredrick Atom-Burger, on an extra-ordinary adventure where we’ll be observing Homo Sapiens (Humans) in their newest Habitat: the International Space Station. We will be uncovering the typical daily activities undertaken by these rare Homo Sapien Astronauts in Space.

Inspired by NASA’s extra-ordinary achievements, this piece pays homage to modern documentary makers and their power of storytelling . Onwards and upwards !

Festival Awards & News

" Homo Sapiens in Space " was featured on NASA TV's Cinespace Program - Friday May 1st, 2020.
Barnes Film Festival 2020 - Finalist - UK
REMI Award Winner - Space Category - Worldfest-Houston April 2020 - USA
Semi Finalist - Laurus Film Festival 2020 - Russia
Official Selection - American Golden Picture International Film Festival 2020 - USA
Finalist NASA/HCAS Cinespace 2019 Film Festival - USA. Will have it's World Premiere in Houston, Texas, USA Saturday 16th November, 2019.

Full Credits:

Outerworld Pictures presents:

A Damien Donnelly Film

Jack-Daniel Hunter as Fredick Atom-Burger

Directed and Produced by Damien Donnelly

Screenplay by Oisin Power and Damien Donnelly

Editor Kevin Hughes

Post Production Facilities Wallslough Studios


Ultra High Definition Video from the International Space Station,

ISS Fly by


Ultra High Definition from the International Space Station

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Earth Views~orig

Music by Filmstro Ltd.

Unique soundtrack

ID: a0646ebf-2336-4473-aa6c-39fa9fc303f2

Cue Sheet Individual Music

Cue ID Information: BJH022

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